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Tips for a Modelling Interview or ‘Go See’

What to wear

When an agent meets a potential model for their books, they want to see someone who looks like they can be versatile and gain work for a number of different clients.

A client wants to be able to envisage the model in the look they are going for with their brand. This means you need to present yourself as a blank canvas (looking like your natural self).

We recommend skinny jeans and a simple vest top or close fitting t-shirt. Keep clothing neutral and simple, as busy clothing may get in the way of the client seeing the natural you. Always wear a simple pair of heeled shoes or boots that you feel comfortable and confidant walking in.

Hair and make up

You should arrive with makeup looking nice and natural. It is fine to put concealer and mascara on, along with a little lip balm/gloss but nothing more. It is so important that the agency/client can see your skin. Nails should be neat and tidy, either bare or with only clear or nude polish.

Your hair should be clean and natural looking, short hair may be styled with a touch of product to hold in place. Take along a hair bobble so you can tie it up if need be, and ensure that it is not falling in your face.

Interview tips

Give yourself plenty of time to get there, allowing time for public transport delays / traffic / parking. Don’t arrive at the venue too early as you’re meeting with busy people who generally won’t be available until the allotted time. 5-10 minutes before your appointment is the perfect time to introduce yourself at the reception. Whilst you’re waiting, present yourself like a model.

Before your meeting try to do some research in advance – if it’s an agency, find out about the clients they work with and look at what sort of models they have on their books. If you are meeting with a client or attending a casting, take a look at their previous work and pinpoint something that you could positively comment on, should the situation arise. Instagram is a great way to find out about the latest projects people are working on.

Make sure your phone is on silent and hidden away in your bag. Once your interview begins ensure you speak confidently, smile and allow your personality to shine through.

Don’t babble or feel you need to fill every moment with chatter. If there is an opportunity to mention your knowledge on the company then do drop it in, but not if the occasion doesn’t arise.

Before you leave, politely thank your contact for their time and leave them with a great final impression. We hope you found our tips useful – good luck!