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Skin Care Tips for a Flawless Complexion

Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and when your skin glows you look and feel great. On the flipside, a visible skin complaint can be the quickest route to knocked confidence. When you know your skin looks good you’ll be a better model because you’ll feel better in yourself. A make up artist always loves a model that doesn’t need much concealer.

Sadly there’s no absolutely guaranteed way to avoid the odd spot but you can give yourself the best chance possible at looking fresh and fabulous..

Find a skin care regime that works for you
Everyone’s skin is different, whether oily, dry, sensitive or a combination of all three. Get to know your skin type and when you find products that work for you, stick to them. Products with tea tree in are great for oily or spot prone skin, whilst if you have very dry skin, oils can be very moisturising – try almond, coconut or rosehip. Don’t be tempted to try a new product in the run up to a modeling job or go see, especially if you have sensitive skin. Exfoliate no more than once or twice a week (avoid products with artificial microbeads which are terrible for the environment). Moisturise your whole body every day when you get out of the shower with a light lotion – unperfumed products are less damaging to your skin, and get into the habit of moisturising before bed as well. A regular routine with an unscented lotion will have a much bigger impact on your skin quality than the occasional attempted quick fix with a jar of something expensive. Silk pillows are kinder on your skin as they don’t draw moisture away like cotton does – if you feel like a little luxury! Always try to wear a moisturizer on your face that has a SPF, even if its not summer. The suns harmful rays can still attack on the darkest of days.

Cleanliness counts
Do not go to bed in your make up girls. Just don’t do it. We know it’s hard to resist just falling into bed when you’re tired, but just think of all that grime on your skin just working its way into your pores whilst your head’s on the pillow. Make up wipes aren’t the best but they are better than nothing and you can at least manage a quick couple of swipes. Ideally use a proper cleanser, rinse and moisturize before bed.
It’s important to keep other elements your face comes into contact with clean as well such as your towels and your bedding. At the very least change your pillowcases on a regular basis. Your make up brushes need a regular wash too, particular those you use for liquid make up. A gentle anti bacterial hand wash is fine, just be sure to wash all traces out with cool water before leaving to dry naturally standing upright.

You are what you eat
A lot of salty, greasy and artificial foods are going to have an impact on your general wellbeing, which will ultimately show in your skin. Nobody is perfect so it’s not realistic to try and eat like a saint 24/7 so if you eat healthily most of the time it’s ok to treat yourself. Fruits and veggies will fill you up, give you plenty of fibre to keep your digestion moving and provide you with the vitamins you need for a glowing complexion. Smoking is another factor that can lead to tired looking skin. If you suffer from hormonal spots, supplements such as cod liver oil or evening primrose oil can be beneficial.

Always drink plenty of water for healthy skin and this is not just an old wives’ tale. It will keep your skin well hydrated and looking fresh. It helps your brain function properly as well, meaning you’ll generally feel good. Try drinking a large glass of water as soon as you wake up to get a head start on the day. You can flavour water yourself by adding lemon or cucumber and mint.

Too much caffeine and alcohol, on the other hand, will dehydrate you and cause havoc with your skin. A morning coffee is not going to do you any harm but try not get too much of your daily fluid intake from caffeinated drinks. Try switching to herbal tea after your first or second cup of regular tea / coffee.