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Providing you are 5’7” or above (females) and 5’10” or above (males) simply e-mail the office with a recent snap shot of yourself along with all your contact details or call the office for an informal, friendly chat to discuss your potential.

  • 1. Please only submit natural photographs NOT professional with your hair back from your face.
  • 2. Do not send photographs where you are wearing sunglasses, a hat or makeup.
  • 3. The head shot should be taken front or including your shoulders.
  • 4. Full length photographs should be sent fully clothed, please refrain from wearing baggy clothes.
  • 5. Please send the photographs in colour and without any filtering or re-touching.
  • 6. Underwear shots are not required at this stage of the application.
  • 7. Do not send images which are over 2MB because we will be unable to view them.